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Authentic fact #1: I am embarrassed to ask for testimonials, but when I get one, I post it here without editing. Authentic fact #2: I visit this page quite often. It makes me feel good and feel proud of my past clients. Enjoy!

"You're by far one of the most intelligent, sensitive, and sharp people I've ever known. You knew how to channel my desires, goals, doubts and deliberations to the right place, with an original and practical idea. You gave me tools, ideas, and the confidence and courage to keep on running my business, which started thriving as we worked together."


"I have worked with Yahel for the past 6 months. He has supported me in aggressively pursuing my brand while at the same time supporting me with my first webinar that had a very short timeline. 


He works extremely hard and he challenged me to work extremely hard as well. He worked through details and was available with very short notice. He responds to emails and SOS challenges very quickly. He was as committed to making my webinar a success as I was. 


I am impressed with his wide range of knowledge and information which he is generous to share. His skill and expertise with startups helped me with another Startup webinar presentation. His skill with filming came in handy when he created an alternative video promotion. He generously offered his expertise and equipment in starting up my podcast.


Yahel works above and beyond his contract obligations. I continue to work with him and would not hesitate to refer him as I have already done so. He is who he says he is. I was impressed with his hard work and his integrity.  He practices what he preaches and these past 6 months have challenged me in ways I did not think I could achieve. His integrity and true willingness to align with me and work towards my success is impressive. As a Solopreneur this makes a huge impact as I always felt I had someone in my corner. This guy is the real deal."


"That you are a top professional is unquestionable. You are thorough, sharp, intelligent, precise and experienced. But that’s not all. In your wisdom, sensitivity, and insight you saw me first as a human being and only next as a business owner or professional.


You reached out into my heart and soul. Within a short period of time, you made me feel like I was working with a friend, not a consultant. That’s the only way to make a struggling business succeed. That’s how you make a talented business owner happy. Going on this journey with you was the best business decision I've ever made, one that changed my life."


"I wanted to work with the best, and you came highly recommended. I can’t even find the words to describe the meaningful journey I went through with you, in such a short and intense time. Everything is very focused and thoughtful, with logical and convincing explanations. You always gave me the sense that I had someone to trust. Always available, always coming back with practical answers. It's a great privilege to work with you."


"I had one big idea that consisted of 100 small ones and I was looking for someone who could tell me how to approach it. Your name popped up on Google and the fact that we have the same name was an advantage. I came from a completely different world, and was even slightly young, but that didn’t scare you. If a dream or an undertaking is like a panoramic image, you are the one who can find the story behind it. It's hard to explain exactly what happens during the process, and how you do it, because you’re able to understand exactly what I want without me saying it. You taught me how to undergo a process and how to take an idea that may be completely crazy and believe in it in a totally sincere and honest way. There’s no pretending or false promises, and in a business based on marketing lingo it’s hard to find someone who stands behind his actions in a completely genuine way. The Hebrew name Yahel means "The Light of a Person", and that sums it up perfectly - both what he projects outwardly and his ability to see those he’s facing".


"I came to Yahel after getting a lot of recommendations from business owners, and already at the first meeting I realized that this time I’m dealing with a pro who can help me develop a serious process for branding and promoting the brand. He’s not just a consultant, he’s a fellow traveler. I felt that my success was as important to him as it was to me. Thank you Yahel for your support, your availability and your encouragement…”


"Already at the first meeting, Yahel proved to be a professional who’s on point, someone who knows what questions to ask in order to help me brand my business in the most precise and effective way. Working with Yahel helped me pinpoint the exact value I wanted to offer my clients and how to convey it accurately. Thanks to our working together I was able to formulate a clear statement and connect to a website that is nothing short of a masterpiece."


"Such an amazing, revolutionary, innovative person with a very unique and inspiring mindset. It’s not that he thinks outside the box - he doesn’t have a box..."


"Under your guidance, we built two new websites to attract customers. Currently, you’re coaching me, advising me and helping me set up an app. I couldn’t have made this progress without you. I’m so glad we met. You are dedicated, punctual, meticulous, considerate, intelligent, courteous, thoughtful, an honest businessman, a man of the world. No amount of praise would be overblown. I’d like to thank you for the privilege of promoting my project together with you and benefitting from all your qualities!"


"Many thanks for building the website and redefining my business. Thanks to you, I now have a site that reaches the right people and serves as a business card that promotes me professionally. It's unbelievable how quick the results are!"


"Yahel combines with a great inspiration a lot of expertise, innovative approaches fun and serenity. He can perfectly analyze a business situation and come up with the best tools to make the best out of it. He is a great asset to every organization and business who wish to market and brand itself better."


"We came to Yahel with an idea for a start-up, hoping to devise a strategic plan that we could present to investors. Already in the first phone call, Yahel understood the idea and thought of useful ways to promote it. In a very short period of time, Yahel helped us leverage and develop the idea from an initial thought to a formulized concept. Throughout the process, our work together was professional, pleasant and productive. We highly recommend Yahel for any initiative that wants to leap forward."


"Working with Yahel was a fascinating experience. I felt that we were working together in full throttle to make my business succeed. His thoughtfulness, understanding and professionalism gave me full confidence in the effort to get my business going."


"The best thing about working with you is the fact that it didn’t feel like a supplier-client relationship but rather like you are a true partner in our company. We felt that you are setting our company goals as if they were your own goals. Your constant availability and efficient, pleasant and professional conduct were just the bonus.”


"After every meeting with Yahel, I always feel like I just got an injection of advice and tips that would take me two weeks absorb and digest. It does the trick every time. It's not an easy fix or a useless punch, but rather a gentle strike in a precise position."



The office is located at Port Moody,

British Columbia, Canada

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Yahel Demeter is a Branding and Business Development strategist who helps business owners around the world to create profitable brands, adapted precisely to their business and personal goals.

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