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Engaging Through Content

Everything you need to deliver your message.

Tailor-authored content

Here you will find everything you need to clearly deliver your message across various platforms and marketing channels: newsletters, email marketing campaigns, products descriptions, content for websites, landing pages and apps, FAQs, interviews, how-tos, UX messaging, guides, social media posts, ads and brand stories, and much more.


You get a brand strategist and a professional content creator who write your content for you.


Pricing varies according to the type of content, length and turnaround time.


High quality professional content based on your guidelines, with quick turnaround times.

Authentic video interviews

Meaningful stories bring people much more value than the everyday ads. When you’re interviewed by a branding strategist, you make sure they get it. In this unique format, you are the only speaker, but it is clear that you are being interviewed. You are authentic by default and because you are interviewed by a branding strategist, what you say is no less than perfect.


You attract your ideal clients. No ad on earth can build trust and confidence like a good interview.


The fixed price includes everything: research, strategy session, production and editing.


A full interview with a unique soundtrack made just for this format, in ready-to-use video files.

Website audit

When was the last time a sharp content specialist and a branding strategist took a look at your website? This service is all about that. After examining your website you will get a detailed report that includes sections like brand messaging, functionality, web presence and many other factors that can help you deliver your messages much better.


You get a professional impartial opinion about your website with clear action items for improvement.


Pricing varies according to your website’s size, elements, complexity and turnaround time.


A meeting to discuss a comprehensive report that shows everything you wanted to know.

Website development

For clients who want the freedom to create their own website to cut costs and have unlimited flexibility, we offer a site development service. Together, we will build your website, step by step, and you will know how to design it, to launch it, to connect your domain and get a professional e-mail address, without relying on third party service providers for the long term.


You get unlimited freedom and knowledge in creating powerful and beautiful websites.


Pricing varies according to the size and type of your website, and whether you write its content.


A beautiful and professional business website from a-z, and tons of knowledge.

Booking Services

You can have it all.

Your complimentary consultation will be with Yahel Demeter, an experienced business strategist, and you will:

Discuss what services suit your business goals

Create a particular service package

Have an expert’s perspective on your branding and marketing strategies

Or: Fill out a contact form instead

Yahel Demeter
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