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Ready To Start A Business?

Generate income with your true passion!

The Challenge

Mistakes are inevitable on the road to business success. Walking that road requires effort and working through a lot of doubt. The fruits of the hard work don’t come fast enough to motivate you when you are just starting to build a new business.

The Good News

Being coached by an experienced brand strategist enables you to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls, grow much faster, and move much smarter, while keeping you highly motivated and confident.

Step-by-step coaching for new business owners -
Here’s how it works:

Coaching people who want to start a business is a different process than coaching business owners, because it starts from a different point. It requires creating the right toolbox based on the type of business, goals, strengths, and weaknesses.

To do that, you will go with Yahel through these four steps. If you already have a business idea or a solid concept, you will probably start at stages 2 or 3: 


We will find your passions, strengths, and motivations, and craft a business concept that aligns with them and utilizes them wisely. 



We will make your business concept market-ready (POC) and make sure there is a viable product-market fit.



We will refine and shape your business idea based on real-life business aspects and scenarios, to reach a solid concept.



We will form the relevant strategies, implement and test them to ensure everything goes according to the plan and goals.


"Yahel has consistently given me great counsel on a wide variety of topics. What I have valued most in our time together is his help in focusing my business direction. As a serial entrepreneur for over 15 years I've tried to make many different ideas work, but it was with Yahel's help that I've been able to choose a direction that best suits my skills and talents. Together we've developed an idea that will not only benefit myself but one that I believe will help countless people around the world as well. I'm very thankful to have been introduced to Yahel, as I have a new sense of purpose and direction now that I am pursuing an idea that I love and believe in so strongly." 


"I had looked for many consultants and mentors prior to finding Yahel. The biggest difference between them and Yahel, is that Yahel truly cares about you and wants your business to succeed. He will take the time to understand your business vision, understand who you are as a person, and tailor his coaching and consulting to your personality and needs. Before starting with Yahel, I had nothing but a vision. After working with him, I feel confident in tackling any problem I will encounter through my journey as an entrepreneur. I truly owe it all to Yahel and his guidance."


"Working with you is better than any university degree I could have chosen! It's the essence of learning by doing and truly understanding what good business planning means. It's exactly what I needed. Thank you!"


Are you thinking about opening a business? 
Here's some content for you from our ideas page: 
Frequently asked Questions

Do I need to have a business idea before I reach out? 

The short answer is No. You don’t need to have a solid business idea to start. All you need to know is your passions and what makes you happy. We will find your motivations together, and make sure we find a business idea that aligns with them, to ensure you fulfill it to the maximum. If you already have a business idea, that’s also great. It will give us a good place to start.​

What is the free consultation for? 

In your free online consultation session, we will see what would be the best starting point for your personalized coaching process, whether it is one of the ideation phases (finding and refining) or one of the operational phases (planning and implementing).​

What are the costs and the duration of the process? 

We will use our online weekly meetings to go through the phases together, staying in each phase as much as we need, until you feel ready and confident. New business owners enjoy a reduced price, and to find out more about pricing and packages, contact us here or discuss it in your free business consultation with Yahel Demeter.

Ready to book your free consultation session?

Start a business and let your passion work for you. 

Your free online meeting will be with Yahel Demeter, an experienced business strategist. After 45 minutes you will:

Get practical action items on how to start a business

Have an expert’s opinion on your business concept & idea

Get practical tips on how to find and refine a business idea

Yahel Demeter
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