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About Us

We take business personally. Literally. 

Our core values


Always consult your clients as if they were your closest friends.


Knowledge becomes practical when combined with personal experience.


Success impacts almost every possible aspect of a  business owner's life.


Giving value for money is great, but giving value for trust is better. 

We deliver peace of mind

Demeter Consulting was founded by Anat and Yahel Demeter, childhood friends, married couple, parents and business owners. We know what it means to own a business and how it directly affects the whole household. When we founded our company we knew that we want to deliver two things: Peace of mind and high, measurable value for money and trust. As we know how important it is to feel you're in good hands and that you are making the right choice when it comes to investing in your future, we put a lot of effort in crafting our services for most business owners’ needs, and then tailoring the right package individually for every client, because for us, a business owner is first and foremost a person, and everyone is different. By doing that, and after offering a complimentary consultation session, we are able to reach a superb ROI quickly.

Yahel Demeter
Yahel Demeter
Yahel Demeter

Branding  and Business Growth Strategist

Yahel is a top expert in his field, and he has always been the kind of guy people intuitively talk with about their business, even if they don’t know him. For over 20 years Yahel has been equipping people from 55 countries with great business skillsets, and has successfully implemented powerful branding, marketing, and business growth strategies with countless entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals in various business ecosystems. As coaching has been a natural part of his career, he knows what to ask and where to look for the best answers, which generates a significant practical value.

Anat Demeter
Anat Demeter

Content Specialist

Anat is a skilled content creator with over 15 years of experience under her belt. She has a knack for identifying the right way to deliver a clear message that reaches the reader's heart and mind. She is a brand journalist, well-versed at writing interviews, company profiles, and brand stories. Just as easily as she can put on the hat of the technical writer when she writes FAQs, instruction guides, UX copy and How-Tos, she can tap into her creative side as a copywriter, delivering beautiful website copy, product marketing content, marketing email campaigns, posts, and interactive content.

20+ years of experience are at your service

Your experience is your own wisdom of the crowd, and this is what turns knowledge into something you can work with. Over the years we worked with hundreds of business owners, and saw almost everything. When you know what to ask, you know where to find the answer. When you know how to listen, you know what to do. It is that simple. Good strategists don’t always know the way, but they always know the scenery, so they create new ways, over and over again.

Let's exceed your business expectations.

Here is what we offer for business owners and entrepreneurs like you. Like us.

Get step-by-step coaching to start your own business and generate income with your true passions, no matter what stage you are at. Click here to learn more.

Our most advanced coaching program: 10 sessions that enable you to gain a clear competitive advantage with a solid brand, that produces more cash flow with less effort.

Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with an experienced business strategist that keep your business going and growing by making effective decisions and getting things done.

Highly productive sessions on carefully selected topics that all business owners and entrepreneurs deal with, that produce bite-size action items with a lasting impact.

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