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Let’s make sure they’ll be happy and successful when they grow up.


Three Mindsets Ahead
About the program
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Three Mindsets Ahead

Welcome to

A 10-week mentoring program where young adults get life changing entrepreneurial skills to navigate their future with confidence.

The world is becoming more and more complex and young adults will need to have an adaptive set of skills and mindsets to successfully set and reach their personal and professional goals. This program gives these young people the best possible head start and a clear advantage by teaching and practicing various topics in three different life changing mindsets: The Entrepreneurial mindset, the Professional Growth mindset, and the Confident mindset.

Let’s talk about change and future.

Today’s teenagers will navigate their career in unchartered territories. The fast-changing world will force them to know themselves better and to adapt fast and well enough to survive and succeed. While you can’t show them each step of the way, the good news is that giving them the right skills and mindset will enable them to learn, unlearn and adapt quickly to stay on top of the game. 

Let’s talk about freedom and choices

Freedom brings many choices, choices bring doubts, and doubts bring stress. It creates a circular mechanism of uncertainty, which is fueled by the growing competition and the need to make the right choices. Our teenagers’ only way out of this vicious cycle is to be confident about what their strengths are and what they really want, knowing how to set goals and how to eliminate distractions, and having the right skills to make it happen.

Let’s talk about income and money.

Gen-Z and Alpha will need more income streams than us to succeed financially and live the life they want and deserve. Their career path will be multi-dimensional, most of them will have more than one source of income and in addition, according to latest researches, they will change up to 37 workplaces during their professional journey. This program is where they will acquire the skills to make good choices and navigate through this journey successfully.

Let’s talk about their happiness.

As parents we want to make sure that our kids fulfill their potential and reach their goals, and that the statistical world we live in will not wipe their identity and ground them. One of the best ways to ensure that is to show them how to follow their passions and how to harness them to boost their professional and financial growth, while focusing on meaning and professional wellbeing, rather than on external influence.

Let’s talk about positive influence.

Teenagers are impressionable. Mindsets can be easily influenced at these ages, and it is both good and bad news. Aside from their exposure to us, their parents, many teenagers first encounter professional journeys and money making from flat social media influencers that actually show no journey or meaning. It affects the nature of their goals and their ability to achieve them. That’s exactly what this program is all about: screen-less positive influence that shows teenagers that the sky is the limit.

Lets talk

Skills that will make their future much easier. 

Self-management, resilience, and adaptability skills

Independence, collaboration, and teamwork skills

Time management, organizational, and learning skills

Emotional intelligence, interaction & active listening skills

High level entrepreneurial & professional skills

Creative thinking, ideation and problem-solving skills

Body language, communication & presentation skills

Critical thinking, questioning and negotiation skills 

How and why
I created this program

Professional development has a big impact on confidence, self image and quality of life, and I believe that it starts at the teenage years.


Therefore, I used my experience as an entrepreneurship mentor at secondary schools and as a business strategist for more than 20 years, to create a program that will provide young adults at these ages with the best skills in a practical approach that will enable them to adapt to unlimited kinds of personal and professional situations in life, whether they will use it as employees at other companies or as entrepreneurs.


I asked parents what they think their teenagers need, I asked their teenagers what they want, and dozens of my clients and colleagues what they think are the best possible skills for success in today’s world and what they would have been happy to know when they were much younger. It took me almost two years to create this program as a part of my vision and as part of the impact I want to make, and I am very proud of it. 

Yahel Demeter


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Some quick facts.

This unique program was specifically designed for ages 15-18, and there's a limit of 12 participants per group. They come for 10 sessions, once a week, of 2 hours each, which sum up to 20 full hours of active learning and practicing for better implementation.

There's a WhatsApp community for each group for guided discussions, and each participant gets one session of 1:1 mentoring with Yahel on top of everything.

Each session consists of three parts:

Active learning, break, and a practical implementation in three different mindsets:

The Entrepreneurial

This mindset helps to identify opportunities that others don’t.

The Professional

This mindset helps to find the best path to reach career goals.

The Confident

This mindset boosts confidence in everyday life situations.

The program
  • Week 1 — Strengths. Identifying and using them to find a true direction
    80% of the people don’t know what they are really good at and therefore don’t use it. Strengths that are being identified early enough can change everything, so in this session we will use various techniques to identify them and see how they can be implemented in life.
  • Week 2 — Self-Management. Conquering fears and overcoming negative emotions
    Fears like fear of failure, success, criticism, future, uncertainty, and many others are natural and important, as long as you manage them and not the other way around. Here, our teenagers will learn to recognize their fears, manage them, and leverage them.
  • Week 3 — Creativity. Becoming a creative problem solver in everyday situations
    Creativity is the art of connecting the dots differently than everyone else. Here, our teenagers will learn how to be more creative and see how it can help them both personally and professionally, in school and life: to get what they want, to think about the next big thing, or to land their dream job.
  • Week 4 — Listening. How to know what people really want and need
    Understanding what the people around you want is a real game changer, as it helps you reach your personal goals faster and smarter, while providing real value. Here, we will learn what to ask, how to listen, what to say and how to say it to make the interaction and growth happen naturally.
  • Week 5 — Competition. How to read the room and leverage it to reach goals
    Competition is everywhere, from early ages: it’s that kid that gets the attention you deserve, that person who wants the same position as you, and that business that offers the same thing to the same people. Here, our teenagers will learn how to use competition to the advantage, and why it is useful rather than stressful.
  • Week 6 — Communication. The valuable link between charisma and goals
    We are being interviewed by teachers, managers, colleagues, clients, neighbours, and even friends, much more than we think, because everyone around us wants to feel certain that they are making the right choice. Here, our teenagers will learn how to confidently show who they are and what value they bring.
  • Week 7 — Soft skills. Negotiation, body language and presentation skills
    Awkward body language, poor negotiation skills, and bad presentation skills are the ultimate dreams and goals killers. Pair that with poor attention to details and see how people lose valuable opportunities in life. Here, we will discuss and practice these soft skills to make sure none of this stands in their way or holds them back.
  • Week 8 — Goals. Setting objectives, critical thinking, learning, and time management skills
    Sometimes, setting goals is as hard as reaching them. Here, the teenagers will learn how to set goals, measure themselves, fix what’s not working, hot to learn new concepts and how to unlearn them when necessary, and how to reach their goals faster and smarter than anyone else around them.
  • Week 9 — Professional growth. How to write a career plan or a business plan
    Understating how the world works at early ages gives you a head start, period. Here, the teenagers will get the best practices on how to jump start their career, their business — or even both — when time comes, while everyone else around them will be busy learning what they already know.
  • Week 10 — Happiness. How to proactively get on the fast lane towards fulfilment
    This will conclude the program, but before that our teenagers will learn what I consider to be the best framework to identify when their passions, strengths, and goals are 100% aligned. This will enable them to know for sure whether they are on the right path, right now and at later stages in life.

Careers already look like climbing walls. Ladders are no longer relevant.

Those with the right mindsets and skills will identify the best routes to get to where they want.

Others will keep on looking for ladders.

Registration for next programs in Tri-Cities and North Vancouver will open soon!

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