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Our Advanced Coaching Program

Hello business growth. Goodbye uncertainty.

Key benefits

You will have a solid brand for your business that attracts your ideal clients and gives them higher value for a higher cost.

You will gain a clear competitive advantage that will enable you to reduce your marketing efforts significantly.

You will always have growth opportunities in sight and you’ll be able to create and implement creative ideas easily.

Your life as a business owner is about to get easier.

Everybody wants to earn more with less effort, and a differentiated brand does exactly that. It happens because it reduces your marketing efforts, enables you to charge a premium for your products and services and lowers your advertising costs by simplifying your customers’ decision-making process. This coaching program will make your brand stronger, and will make you a more creative, proud, and confident business owner.

The advanced business transformation program outline

In this advanced coaching program, every 1:1 session is 90 minutes long, and in each session we will focus on a different aspect of your business, and re-model it to support your solid differentiation. You will discover new things about yourself and about your business in every session, and by the end of this coaching program you will clearly see your business future and know your competitive advantage like never before:


Your authentic brand story


Consistent brand values


Knowing your ideal clients


Leveraging competition


Your value proposition


Marketing strategy


Innovational advantage


Strengths and superpowers


Powerful social proof


Business growth plan

Expected outcomes

When we meet for our complimentary consultation, we will go over this program’s steps and meeting plan, and will choose where we need to focus more. You can take it slow or finish it quickly, it is totally up to you. When done right, outcomes come fast. You will see a significant change in confidence levels, a growing client flow and a sense of relief from the burden of unfocused marketing efforts. After the program we will stay in touch, and monitor the progress in order to make mild adjustments if necessary.

"Expectations were high, and value was higher. Your generosity, experience and knowledge are impressive."


"Going on this journey with you by my side was the best business decision I've ever made."


Ready to book your free strategic planning session?

More cash flow, less effort. Let differentiation work for you.

Your free online meeting will be with Yahel Demeter, an experienced business strategist. After 45 minutes you will:

Get practical action items to elevate your business

Have an expert’s perspective on your competitive advantage

See what differentiation can do to your business

Yahel Demeter
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