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We have your back,
no matter what business stage you're at. 

Our mission at Demeter Consulting Inc. is to give entrepreneurs and business owners in British Columbia a clear competitive advantage through our 1:1 advanced coaching program, weekly strategic coaching sessions, and highly beneficial on-point consulting. For over 20 years we’ve been creating new business revenue streams with our clients, helping them to make effective business decisions and giving them a very good reason to stay motivated.

"Working with you is better than any university degree I could have chosen. It's the essence of learning by doing and truly understanding what good business planning means. It's exactly what I needed. Thank you!"



"Yahel truly cares about you and wants your business to succeed. After working with him, I feel confident in tackling any problem I will encounter through my journey as an entrepreneur. I truly owe it all to Yahel and his guidance." 



Our services:

Instantly increase your productivity, cash flow and motivation, and say goodbye to stress and hesitation.

Get the guidance and gain the confidence you need to turn your passions into a successful and profitable business.

Reach your goals faster and smarter with our 10-week business transformation program or weekly coaching sessions.

Highly productive business consulting sessions on various topics regarding your website, branding and marketing strategies, vision, new business ideas and additional revenue streams. 

Strategic business coaching gives you an incomparable advantage.

Here's a 60-second video that explains exactly why:

Want to read more from Yahel Demeter? Check out our Ideas page!

Victor needed a business strategist to talk to.

"Working with Yahel was a 10/10 experience. He took the time to understand the wants and needs of my small business. He answered all of my questions and gave me the confidence to follow the plan and grow in the direction I want to. Highly recommended!"



Chef Tal needed a strategy to follow his real dreams.

"Going on this journey with you by my side was the best business decision I've ever made."



Dan had to train a marketing team in his factory, fast.

"The best thing about working with you was the fact that it felt like you are a part of our company. We felt that you are setting our company goals as if they were yours. Your availability and efficient, pleasant and professional conduct were just the bonus."



Leon was looking for solid bottom lines for many questions he had.

"Expectations were high, and value was higher. Your generosity, experience and knowledge are impressive."



With Tamara, we identified the value she gives to her clients.

"Demeter Consulting is absolutely the go-to place for any business owner and entrepreneur out there. From the first meeting you can feel how hands-on expertise practically helps you to avoid pitfalls and make wise business decisions."



Ella needed fresh insights to take her gym to the next step.

"I own a business for over 20 years, and up until today no one was able to give me such insights."



Naomi and Rebecca needed an expert's advice.

"Straight from the first phone call, Yahel understood our business idea and thought of useful ways to promote it. Throughout the process, our work together was professional, pleasant and productive. We highly recommend working with Yahel."



Emi needed to refine her goals and vision to grow her business.

As a Solopreneur this makes a huge impact as I felt I had someone in my corner. This guy is the real deal."



Get the flexibility you need.

Working on your business while working at your business is not easy sometimes, so flexibility is one of the key core values in Demeter Consulting: A personal scheduling link that allows you to book an online or in-person meeting whenever you want, a wide array of coaching and consulting packages in various durations and intensity levels, no minimal time commitment, no deposits, no payments in advance, and much more.

Get 25% off on your first 3 months on the weekly coaching plan.

The strategic weekly coaching sessions is our top selling service because it drives noticeable increase in cash flow, sales, accountability and motivation. This 25% off isn't some kind of limited-time offer. Every new client gets it. No commitment and no questions asked. Why? Because the goal here is to make it more convenient for you to see that although taking the first step is not easy, it quickly becomes very rewarding

Let's grow your business and create your business future, together.
Book your free strategic planning meeting in less than two minutes:

Your free online meeting will be with Yahel Demeter, an experienced business strategist. After 45 minutes you will:

Get practical action items to elevate your business

Have an expert’s perspective on your branding and marketing strategies

Know what we can do together and where to start

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