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On demand brainstorming sessions that keep your business going.
And growing.

Center Gradient Transparent

Online, ongoing, on-demand.

A practical coaching model that gets things done.

Weekly 1:1 mentoring and brainstorming sessions with a business strategist, that enable you to grow your business smarter and faster by developing, executing, analyzing, and refining powerful branding, marketing, and business development plans.


It’s more than someone who checks up on you. It’s someone who thinks with you.

Every driven business owner needs someone experienced to think with to achieve resilience, save time and move fast. That’s where this service comes into the picture. 


This service is more than coaching or mentoring. It is ongoing brainstorming.

It gives you a professional perspective of the bigger picture so you can identify better opportunities, together with constant feedback and hand in hand support that enables you to navigate with confidence. 

Center Gradient Transparent

I am Yahel Demeter and my 19 years of experience are at your service.

Over the years I have equipped people from 55 countries with great business skillsets, and successfully implemented powerful branding, marketing, and business development plans with countless entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals in various business ecosystems.


As brainstorming has been a natural part of my coaching career over these years, I know what to ask and where to look for the best answers, which generates a significant practical value. It's a game changer.

Yahel Demeter
A proven methodology.
Crafted for business owners and shaped by reality.

Weekly 60min 1:1 online sessions

Why? Because we want to keep it concise, convenient, and super-useful

Full e-mail & WhatsApp support

Why? Because ongoing hand-in-hand guidance is needed to get things done

Action items after each meeting

Why? Because without them it’s a walk in the park, not a journey to the top :)

Center Gradient Transparent
10 most discussed topics of the month:
  1. Identifying new opportunities

  2. Developing new products/services

  3. Identifying new target markets

  4. Taking your business online

  5. Work/Life balance, priorities

  6. Time management in business

  7. Bringing personal strengths to work

  8. Creating unbeatable differentiation

  9. Using existing resources effectively

  10. Refining short and long term vision

Center Gradient Transparent
Ok. Here’s how it works:

You book a free discovery session to see if it is a good fit for you

You get a private permanent link to book your ongoing brainstorming sessions

You move faster and smarter because you have a strategist by your side

"As a Solopreneur this makes a huge impact as I felt I had someone in my corner.

This guy is the real deal.”