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We Make Business Owners Proud

By giving them the tools they need to exceed expectations.

The Ultimate Business Power Suite

When you differentiate your brand and business through personalized coaching, you don’t have to worry about success. It literally happens by itself. Power it up with on-demand brainstorming sessions that you book online whenever you need someone to think with to make the right decision, and with knowledge-based, powerful networking groups that elevate your entrepreneurial perspectives. That’s what we do here, along with many more personalized services, designed to make your life as a business owner, much easier. 

And This Is How It Feels Like:


You become highly motivated


You have an expert with you


You acquire new clients easily


You increase your brand’s premium


You get fresh perspectives

Free Time

You reduce your marketing efforts

Power Suite

This Is How We Do It:

10 structured sessions of 90 minutes each, that enable you to create and grow a differentiated brand for your business, that produces more revenue with less efforts.

On-Demand Brainstorming

Short weekly sessions with an experienced business strategist that keep your business going and growing by making smart decisions and getting things done.

Powerful Networking Groups

An advanced networking model that utilizes members' practical knowledge to elevate your business perspectives. Here you’ll see that when you help others, you get 10x back.

Engaging Through Content

Meaningful and creative content delivers your message authentically and effectively. With our wide range of content services you’ll make sure that your content stands out.

Affordable Success. 
We Take It Personally.

Demeter Consulting Inc. was founded by Anat and Yahel Demeter, childhood friends, married couple, parents and business owners. Knowing what it means to run a business that directly supports a family and impacts a household, is the foundation of our core values, and we put a lot of efforts on tailoring our services to every new client, individually, to reduce costs and to create quick ROI.

Not Sure Where To Start? 

You will meet with Yahel Demeter, an experienced business strategist and after 45 minutes you will:

Get practical action items to elevate your business

Have an expert’s perspective on your branding and marketing strategies

Know what we can do together and where to start

Or: Fill out a contact form instead

Book a Meeting with Yahel Demeter
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