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Biz Like It Is was founded to inspire business owners and entrepreneurs with an authentic perspective over real life experience in a competitive business environment and to equip them with proven actionable insights.

1:1 mentoring to develop your business by analyzing the big picture together, focusing and crafting superior branding, marketing and business development strategies, setting milestones and implementing validation strategies.

British Columbia, Canada

I am Yahel Demeter and I honestly love what I do.

I am a branding, marketing and business development strategist. Many people think that people like me are magicians, but we only look like that. 

My clients' success is a result of a simple fact: I grew up in the start-up nation, and for the past 17 years I've been working in one of the world's most innovative, successful and competitive business eco-systems.

It sharpened my intuition, gave me unbeatable business perspective, a valuable toolbox and the opportunity to meet and work with hundreds of market leaders, great entrepreneurs and successful business owners. 

I will equip you with superior business tools and insights that will enable you to do what you love by showing you the way to develop your business, fulfill your business ideas and meet your high personal potential.

Let's head out there, together. 






We will take a look at the big picture and set your life changing business ideas in the right direction.


What bothers you, bothers many others.

So many business owners feel stuck in the meanwhile because of these reasons: 

The big picture is really big.

Having too many options often clouds the ability to identify opportunities, and makes it hard to understand how to find the right path to your business goals.

Making decisions is not easy.

Making business decisions was never easy, and today it is even more complex. Choosing which way to go and deciding what's better requires a second opinion.

Normal fears lead to stagnation.

Everybody has their “what ifs”, and business fears are more common than you think. It is good that they exist as long as you have the tools to rationalize and overcome them. 

Meanwhile is mean. Time flies. Take your first step here:

"A top professional, thorough, sharp, intelligent and experienced.״




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