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Strategic coaching for business owners and entrepreneurs, that actually works.

Our mission at Demeter Consulting Inc. is to give entrepreneurs and business owners in British Columbia a clear competitive advantage through our 1:1 advanced coaching program, weekly strategic coaching sessions, and highly beneficial on-point consulting. For over 20 years we’ve been creating new business revenue streams with our clients, helping them to make effective business decisions and giving them a very good reason to stay motivated.

In real life, this is what effective business coaching does:


You become highly motivated


You have an expert with you


You acquire new clients easily

Cash Flow

You increase your brand’s premium


You re-discover your strengths


You set and reach your goals faster

Power Suite

Let’s shape your business future, together.

Start today. Book your online strategic planning session for free.

Our services:

Tailored for those who want to increase sales, increase cash flow
and enjoy every moment.

Our most advanced coaching program: 10 sessions that enable you to gain a clear competitive advantage with a solid brand, that produces more cash flow with less effort.

Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with an experienced business strategist that keep your business going and growing by making effective decisions and getting things done.

Highly productive sessions on carefully selected topics that all business owners and entrepreneurs deal with, that produce bite-size action items with a lasting impact.

Affordable success. 
We take it personally.

Demeter Consulting Inc. was founded by Anat and Yahel Demeter, childhood friends, married couple, parents and business owners. Knowing what it means to run a business that directly supports a family and impacts a household, is the foundation of our core values, and we put a lot of efforts on tailoring our services to every new client, individually, to reduce costs and to create quick ROI.


"Working with Yahel was a 10/10 experience. He took the time to understand the wants and needs of my small business. He answered all of my questions and gave me the confidence to follow the plan and grow in the direction I want to. Highly recommended!"



"The best thing about working with you is the fact that it felt like you are a part of our company. We felt that you are setting our company goals as if they were yours. Your constant availability and efficient, pleasant and professional conduct were just the bonus."



"Demeter Consulting is absolutely the go-to place for any business owner and entrepreneur out there. From the first meeting you can feel how hands-on expertise practically helps you to avoid pitfalls and make wise business decisions."



"Straight from the first phone call, Yahel understood our business idea and thought of useful ways to promote it. Throughout the process, our work together was professional, pleasant and productive. We highly recommend working with Yahel."


Compare between our coaching and consulting plans:

Strategic Coaching Sessions

What is it?

Weekly strategic coaching sessions that drive measurable results, accountability, and motivation.

A strategist by your side

Together we will crush challenges, find and execute value-creation opportunities, look around corners, and make effective business decisions.

Session duration

Weekly 60 Minutes 1:1 sessions

Session frequency

A weekly online/in-person session on a monthly-based framework. After you start, you can take a break or stop whenever you want.

Our Business Transformation Coaching Program

What is it?

An advanced coaching program that helps to elevate your business in 10 different differentiating aspects.

A long lasting impact

When your brand’s power is based on differentiation, your brand premium increases. It means that you earn more with less effort.

Session duration

Ten 90 Minutes 1:1 sessions

Session frequency

This is a 10 sessions coaching process without any commitment. 

On-Point Consulting

What is it?

Targeted consulting sessions on highly relevant topics for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Quick and valuable

You get insightful recommendations about the topic you choose, and a suggested roadmap you can easily implement right after the meeting.

Session duration

90 Minutes 1:1 sessions + 14 days of e-mail support.

Session frequency

It is a single consultation on one topic, and 14 days of full e-mail support after the consultation. 

Soon, you’ll be so proud of what you‘ve done with your business.
Book your free strategic planning meeting in less than two minutes:

Your free online meeting will be with Yahel Demeter, an experienced business strategist. After 45 minutes you will:

Get practical action items to elevate your business

Have an expert’s perspective on your branding and marketing strategies

Know what we can do together and where to start

Or: Fill out a contact form instead

Yahel Demeter
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