Meaningful stories bring people much more value than common ads.

When you’re interviewed by a branding strategist, you make sure they get it.


The video interviewing format that works like magic.

You are the only speaker, but it is clear that you are being interviewed.

You get cards with well researched and tailor-made questions.

Professional lighting and equipment, at your natural, comfortable location.

With your branding strategist at your side, you always get it right.

Social media, video platforms, your website and more. You name it.

No ad on earth can build trust and confidence like a good interview can.


Everyone has a story that someone waits wants to hear:



Professionals, executives and people who want to promote and position their unique brand’s image, in a creative way that people want to engage with.

Who know that their ideal clients buy stories rather than products and services, and want to create meaningful marketing content that stands out.


In-Depth Research


In this online meeting I will gather all the information I need about you, your brand, your business and your market, in order to determine what questions to ask you in the interview. This meeting carries a huge value of its own, because as an experienced branding strategist, I will help you to sharpen your message and polish your brand’s value proposition. At the end of this meeting we will choose the location of the interview and discuss how you should prepare for it.




Based on our research session, at this point I plan exactly what I want to hear in the interview, and compose the best questions that will bring these answers. I will use everything I know in order to find the best ways to share your story with the right people, show what differentiates you and gives you a significant advantage over your competition. I will then print the questions on cards, prepare for our interview, and make sure you are ready too.


Production /Filming


After setting up the lights, sound and camera, we will start filming the interview. You will be picking up cards with questions, and answer them one at a time. Although in the final product I cut myself out, and you’ll also have time to think about your answers and consult with me before you answer. I will make sure your answers are authentic, deliver the right message and present your best brand's image to attract your ideal clients.


Editing and Delivery


After we film the interview I edit it and prepare the final product: a video interview that focuses on you, and tells your brand story in the best possible way, whether it is your personal brand, business brand or both. It will be entirely yours and you’ll be able to use it anywhere you want. I will be happy to help you think what are the best places to feature it, how to make the most out of it, and even share it in my own marketing channels if you wish.

Meet Anat. She is my wife, she is awesome, she says she is a challenging consumer, and she is absolutely right. So I tested the format on her!
Profitable brands are made of valuable materials.
Fill out this inquiry form and let’s create yours:

Additional Information

The most common “What Ifs”:

If you don’t know what to wear, I will help you decide. If you feel stuck with your answers, we will think of the best answers together. If you feel you need time to warm up, I will organize the questions in a way that warming up will be seamless, and if you need more time when we film the interview, I will show you how patient I am.

This is why it is great for your brand:

These days, your ideal clients look for meaningful content when they make decisions. They are tired of regular ads and polished slogans. This interview format is designed to present you and your brand at your best and in the most reliable way, and yet, in a controlled setting. Because you don’t know what I am about to ask you, authenticity is a default, and the fact that you have a branding professional at your side, works for you and makes this interview extremely useful for years to come.

You get much more than a common profile movie:

By the time I finish editing your video interview, you get a ready-to-use Full HD video file, and a thumbnail that can serve as the video’s cover art for upload. But you get much more than that. You get a chance to be interviewed by an experienced branding professional that will do everything he can to make your marketing messages come across in the most authentic and charismatic way, in order to reach new, loyal and ideal customers. That’s something your competitors probably don’t have.

Timelines, locations and general preparations:

It usually takes 20 days in total for the finished product to be fully delivered for approval after the research meeting. The online research meeting usually takes about 1.5 hours, preparing the interview takes about a week, the total on-site production time of the interview takes up to 4 hours (usually 3, and it can be filmed almost anywhere), and editing it (2-phase editing) takes about 10-14 days.

You don’t pay a single dollar upfront:

Payment is made only after the research session as I first want to asses the information you provide to make sure that this service suits your brand and your goals.

Using and promoting your interview:

It is our mutual interest that it will extremely beneficial for you. First, we have a marketing orientation session (included in the package) where I will explain everything you need to know like where and when to share and post your interview. Second, I will be happy to help and even post it on my own marketing channels at no cost.

Updated: COVID-19 safety measures:

As we meet in person for the interview part only, I make sure to sanitize my equipment before and after every filming session, and to wear a face mask for the entire interview. It goes without saying that in case either of us feels any symptoms associated with COVID-19 at the time period prior to the interview, it will be postponed accordingly just to be on the safe side of the curve :)

What is storytelling and why is it important

Storytelling is much more than telling a story. Simply put, it is a way of controlling how people feel when they see you and the values you represent. Usually, a good story includes various aspects like a place and time, a hero, a question or a conflict in the story, how it is solved or ends, who wins, and a meaning, to name a few.

Storytelling can help you reinforce relationships in almost every aspect of your life. When it comes to business, telling the story well by connecting its values to the needs and beliefs of your target market, will create a unique kind of engagement, with your clients as the real “heroes” of your story.


The office is located at Port Moody,

British Columbia, Canada

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A unique format that focuses on you and helps you to position your unique brand’s image and create meaningful marketing content that stands out.

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Yahel Demeter is a Branding and Business Development strategist who helps business owners around the world to create profitable brands, adapted precisely to their business and personal goals.

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