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Every few years, the marketing world undergoes significant changes that affect the way marketing strategies are built, the way marketing messages are conveyed to potential customers and the way relationships with current and former customers are strengthened.

Today the emphasis is on marketing content that brings quality business traffic, be it to your website or physical location. And it seems that this trend is only growing and developing sub-trends that reinforce it. Therefore, I've compiled four key principles for you to consider when you want to use content for marketing purposes:

Content marketing is marketing that uses the content you create to strengthen your ties with your business environment. This content is usually not formulated as slogans or presented in the form of an ad, but rather more complex material that requires a deeper look, presented in video format, articles or visual content that the customer must delve into. Hence its ability to create a true connection between you as a brand and the people who are exposed to it. Typically, this type of marketing brings less consumer traffic than a regular ad, because it filters out a large portion of the irrelevant audiences before the campaign even begins. Numerically speaking, it may sometimes seem less effective, but in terms of return on investment and productivity, it’s usually more effective.

Every customer has their own daily journey, during which they’re subjected to a lot of stress. Your goal is to have their personal journey overlap with their journey as your customer at as many points as possible. You must understand your target audience in order to make it discover and delve into your content at their convenience it. For example, if you market a product for breastfeeding mothers after childbirth, you might conclude that at night they are awake and looking for a distraction while they breastfeed, whereas they are tired in the morning. Therefore, to get them truly interested in the content you created, it’s probably best to promote the selected format at night rather than in the morning. Once you understand the journey, that is, you’ve figured out what interests the customers and when best to convey the message to them, you must create the content and adapt it to the designated marketing channels.

It is the marketing channels that present your content to your customers, so it's important to understand the best timing and channels for each type of content and find the best match. Following up on the previous example, let's say you created a video for breastfeeding women, and you understand that you need to post it at night via social media or email. The video has an audio track, obviously, so you should know that it requires subtitles, or even transcription in a short email article so that your target audience is exposed to it conveniently and without it making any noise, because I doubt you want to wake up any “sleeping giant”. 

By having more depth and requiring closer attention, content marketing is often not the kind that motivates people directly to action. Therefore, you must do so by means of complementary advertising or through a clear and direct call to action based on your business objective. In other words, conveying the content is not enough. You also need to clarify what the customer is expected to do now and/or what people like them usually do at this point.

Whether you have a small business or you’re part of a large organisation, proper content marketing is an amazing solution to increase customer traffic and convey messages. And when it is part of a larger marketing system, it becomes a great tool for turning potential customers into real, high-quality customers.

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