I am a branding and business development strategist, but I am also a good listener. After 18 years in the business I can tell you one thing. You're on the real way to success when you learn how to listen to your intuition and validate what you hear in the real world. 



My Career started in 2002, but my passion has been there long before. This is how I started my journey:

I should probably thank my parents for letting me turn my notebooks into marketing brochures when I was little. When I got the courage to send them to managers at huge companies, while stating that this is how their marketing materials should be, I knew that branding was what I was meant to do.

Years went by, and I started my career. I saw how all people, everywhere, speak the language of branding. I wanted to develop my methodology, so I acquired an academic degree in Sociology and Anthropology to understand how brands influence people and societies. When I was 29, I published a book about it and

this book has changed my professional journey and set the tone. Literally. Since my first day at that office, I keep on focusing my efforts to help entrepreneurs and business owners to do what they love, successfully. That's my passion. 



A focused brand is magical, but branding is far from magic.  

This is me, 18 years later. 

The core of branding and business development, as I see it, is to understand what people really look for, and think of the best ways to let them feel you know it. Since 2002 I met and worked with countless market leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners who inspired me. From teenagers to 87-year-old clients.

From small businesses and start-ups,

to ivy league universities and banks. It sharpened my intuition, gave me a unique business perspective, and a valuable toolbox. When a business is responsive to the market changes, sensitive to its clients' changing needs 

and reflects its owner's personality

and strengths, it can become a timeless brand and a successful business. This is exactly what I do. I listen to my clients, we listen to their clients, and then we turn their existing businesses, products and services into brands that tell a story.


"His integrity and true willingness to align with me and work towards my success is impressive."


Fresh by default.

I grew up in one of the world's most competitive and successful business eco-systems, and it had a significant effect on my business approach and how I created my unique methodology.

Let's create a brand. Your brand. 


The office is located at Port Moody,

British Columbia, Canada

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A unique format that focuses on you and helps you to position your unique brand’s image and create meaningful marketing content that stands out.

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Yahel Demeter is a Branding and Business Development strategist who helps business owners around the world to create profitable brands, adapted precisely to their business and personal goals.

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